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70th Anniversary Wizard of Oz Pez Setdmstaff_5109-Oct-2018 17:27:30$22.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: She will love these

Jurrassic Park 1 , 2 & 3 DVD Moviesdmstaff_5109-Oct-2018 17:27:12$13.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: good movies

Hand Made Olaf ( From Frozen ) direct from Disneydmstaff_5109-Oct-2018 17:26:35$11.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: She loved it

Show Auctiondmstaff_5105-May-2018 17:33:33$22.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: Was a fun night, thank you.

BullsEye Radio 20 ounce Coffee Mugdmstaff_5107-Apr-2018 16:09:52$17.50starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: love it

Show Auctionmookeesmom15-Oct-2017 21:20:49$starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: A+

Show Auctionmookeesmom15-Oct-2017 21:27:04$starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: A+

Flake Ornamentdmstaff_5104-Jun-2017 17:44:20$starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: lol, I am sending you to Glo, she wanted you soooo bad for her collection, but she doesn't know it....soooo shhhhhh, its a surprise.

Harry Hendersondmstaff_5107-May-2017 17:47:49$13.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: Can't wait to get "My Harry", lol.

Sony DSC W30 Digital Cameradmstaff_5107-May-2017 17:48:11$16.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: Looking forward to using this often.

Flake OrnamentMoGlow7007-May-2017 17:47:12$21.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: fast delivery

Kodak EasyShare C1530 Digital Cameradmstaff_5105-Mar-2017 18:55:42$21.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: This is going to someone else as a gift...I am sure they will enjoy it. Thanks for donating it.

2017 BullsEye Radio CalendarMoGlow7007-May-2017 17:49:55$21.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: Beautiful

Triple feature Movie Night DVD setdmstaff_5105-Mar-2017 18:54:36$13.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: Love these movies, can't wait to watch them. Thanks for donating them.

Roy Orbison DVD - Black & White Nightdmstaff_5105-Mar-2017 18:53:59$16.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: Great DVD, thanks for donating it.

Sunny LoveButt The Valentine Buttfreckle05-Mar-2017 16:50:00$41.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: Cute as can be

BullsEye CalendarTacdar12-Feb-2017 18:48:41$18.50starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: Love all the photos

Limited Edition 22 OZ BullsEye Radio Christmas SteinMoGlow7007-May-2017 17:48:42$starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: worth the money

White Holiday Tee ShirtMoGlow7007-May-2017 17:49:08$19.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: Good quality

Boz Scaggs Live in Concert DVDTacdar12-Feb-2017 18:49:24$11.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: Excellent condition

Logitech 720p HD Webcam C905Tacdar12-Feb-2017 18:49:41$24.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: Works great

Twinners BallMoGlow7007-May-2017 17:50:30$22.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: adorable

Teddy Bear with T-Shirt05-Feb-2017 17:33:39$24.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: love the bear

The BullsEye Radio Face Wall ClockTacdar03-Sep-2016 13:31:48$starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: Excellent

The BullsEye Radio Ringer Tee Shirtdmstaff_5103-Sep-2016 13:34:51$19.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: love the shirt!!!

BullsEye Radio 20 ounce Coffee Mugdmstaff_5103-Sep-2016 13:36:27$starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: This is a BD gift to Annette, she wanted it so bad. Thanks

Oklahoma Wine OH MY !dmstaff_5103-Sep-2016 13:36:59$24.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: Cannot wait to taste the wine!! Thanks

Mouse Pad Design by DJ Shadowdmstaff_5108-Aug-2016 08:39:10$26.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: What a great keepsake. Thanks Shadow!!

Mouse Pad Design by DJ Shadowdmstaff_5108-Aug-2016 08:39:57$26.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: What a great keepsake! Thanks Shadow.

Metal BullsEye Logo License PlateTacdar05-Mar-2016 21:07:24$13.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)

no image Tacdar05-Mar-2016 21:07:40$starstarstarstarstar (5/5)

no image Tacdar03-May-2015 23:13:38$13.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)

no image MoGlow7007-May-2017 17:47:46$27.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)
Comment: Great person

no image Tacdar03-May-2015 23:13:55$26.00starstarstarstarstar (5/5)